Our Approach

Our approach to delivering services

  • Maintain strategically relevant services, designed to deliver on key policies around mental health and well-being.
  • Structured but flexible outcome focussed support plans, with positive approach to risk management
  • Support focussed on recovery and promotion of well being.
  • Proactive intervention to prevent relapse, working in partnership with local services to provide integrated support.
  • Emotional support/general counselling in life and social skills to prepare service users for independent living, including developing positive and stable networks/relationships
  • Increasing access to education, training, employment, leisure, religious and culturally specific services
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for a diverse group, free from harassment and discrimination, to aid recovery.
  • At the heart of our service is inclusion – encouraging full and active engagement in service delivery, support planning, key working, house meetings, workshops, policy training, recruitment, health and safety, newsletter etc. – through building confidence and self-esteem within the safety of the service, our service users go to achieve maximum control over their lives and participation in the wider community.