Our Services


All service users benefit from a comprehensive Support Plan and Risk Management Plan designed by the service user with staff and with input from professional team and families/carers.  Each person has a nominated key worker to support them to achieve goals and targets, and to deliver flexible and personalised support.

We can offer support on:

  • Tenancy sustainment to stay safe in the home and to meet tenancy obligations
  • Accessing benefits, budgeting and debt management
  • Help to manage medication
  • Monitoring of mental and physical health and accessing health care
  • Developing independent living skills, including shopping, cooking and eating healthily
  • Accessing community resources geared towards training and employment
  • Accessing leisure, sports, cultural and religious centres
  • Staying safe in the community, including behaviour management
  • Reducing alcohol and drug dependencies
  • Safeguarding and accessing advocacy
  • Developing self-confidence, independence and decision making skills – promoting choice and control.
  • Promoting move on when the time is right
  • Personalised support as identified in support plan


  • Our services provide accommodation and support for adults between the ages of 18-65 who are considered to be vulnerable due to an established history of mental ill-health and where there is an identified need for the support service.
  • Referrals are appraised individually in accordance with our risk management procedures.  Crucially, placements are offered to individuals who are willing to engage in support planning and local services in a meaningful way and who demonstrate the potential to benefit from the service.
  • In offering a placement we must ensure the individual’s safety, personal, social and support needs may be met whilst enabling them to be as independent as possible.

Access to our services

We aim to ensure equality in service provision and as an employer and to deliver high quality safe services personalised to individual need and available on an equal basis.  To achieve this goal, we will aim to ensure:

  • Easily understandable documentation, in various language/formats as required
  • Cultural/religious/ethnic information obtained at referral and assessment to aid support planning, and to identify interests, goals/ aspirations.
  • Service users encouraged/supported to access community resources and services
  • Staff diversity training
  • Service users encouraged to respect and enjoy diversity and to promote awareness through sharing of cultural/religious celebrations, e.g. house meals or via the newsletter.
  • Service users have understanding of our objectives and key policies through inhouse training and encouraged to play an active role in the service.
  • Service users encouraged to participate in local community engagement initiatives.